Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Children's Sunday School

Sunday School meets from 9:40-10:40 a.m. for our children of all ages, even our Toddlers.  Our Classes are divided according to age and grade, with promotion occurring in August (at the start of school).  In all classes, we use the United Methodist curriculum, which is designed to take the children through the entire Bible in three years time.


For our Nursery Age Children (Two and under)

we use the "Toddlers and Twos" curriculum.

For our 3-year olds thru 4th Graders

we use the Live B.I.G. curriculum, which teaches the children how to live out their Belief In God.  This material includes DVD clips which the children love!

For our 5th Graders

we use "The Way of the Child," which is a component of the Campanions In Christ Bible studies.  We have found that this study works well as a precursor to the Confirmation journey that the students embark on in the 6th Grade. 

For our 6th Graders

we use "Claim the Name" as a resource for our Confirmation journey.  Students register for this class and Covenant together to be present for and in Sunday School, Worship, retreats and lock-ins, and visits to other churches.  For More Information and the current class schedule, CLICK HERE.


Toddlers & Twos           Otterbein Building (next to Susanna Wesley)
Preschool (3's & 4's)     Susanna Wesley Bldg. #606
Kindergarten                Susanna Wesley Bldg. #605
1st & 2nd Grade            Susanna Wesley Bldg. #602
3rd Grade                    John Wesley Bldg. #101
4th Grade                    John Wesley Bldg. #102
5th Grade                    John Wesley Bldg. #103

6th Grade                    John Wesley Bldg. #109