Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 25, 2014
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You become a part of the body of Christ, the Church Universal, by being baptized into it or by reaffirming your baptism.  Baptism is a ritual made up of questions and promises, prayer, and washing.  In most United Methodist churches, Baptism is accomplished by sprinkling.  Sometimes it is done by pouring or immersion, but you will choose which way you want to be baptized.  Youth and adults go through a time of preparation and instruction before they are baptized.  In the case of infants and children, the parents receive instruction.  In this way they are helped to know God, the meaning of being "members of the body," and what it is they are committing themselves to.

Baptism initiates a covenant of relationship between God and the baptized person and between the church and the person.  When you are baptized or affirm your baptism, the congregation enacts God's grace toward you and welcomes you into the community of faith.  The United Methodist Church accepts and affirms the baptism from other Christian denominations.